Family Spotlight questions to the amputee

What’s your name, how old are you?   Poppymay barringer age 28

Who lives with you and how old are they? Tell us a little bit about them what are their favourite colours or hobbies?   Aaron barringer age 28. His favourite colour is green and his hobbies Xbox and PlayStation and rugby and speedway.and spending time with his family and taking dogs out for a walk.
Connor barringer age 8 his favourite colour is orange playing sport and playing with friends and dogs and family.
Also my 2 dogs Boss age 5 and Bruce 1&half

When did you become an amputee?   30th June 2017

Have you got a name for your “stump”?   Mr stumpy lol

What was the biggest concern of being an amputee?   That people was going to leave me and I would be on my own. No being able to take dogs for a walk on the beach and myself walking on the beach. Also if the operation  would not go right and won’t be able to get a leg and walk on it as i have existing  back problems.

Were you able to work as an amputee? How do you spend your days?   No because my stump hasn’t shrunk enough  after my op and it is still on going and it is coming off slowly but the leg I have is so heavy. Every leg I get is to big as it is shrinking and have to wait for 6 weeks before a new.
I do some sewing and light exercise. Most day there is people here some days I go shopping also I have loads of appointments so don’t get much time.

What’s been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and how did you overcome it?   Overcoming the phantom pain and spasms after my op.  Doctors and nurse was a great help to overcome it and they changed all my meds for the better. Don’t get me wrong I still have them lot.

What’s your family’s favourite thing to do?   Swimming and spending time with all the family

Have you got any funny memories that have happened since your amputation?   When family and friends came to see me in hospital I use to wave my stump and say hello to let them know I was ok

When did you come across Steel Bones? What does Steel Bones do for your family?   I was on holiday before my op and I met this lady Gail who was an amputee and she spoke about steel bone we became friends on Facebook and when I was talking to her about what I decided what I was going to do and then she put my though to steel bones. That’s when I can across Emma and Leigh they helped me so so much before my op getting myself ready they messaged me everyday to check in.  Everyone was so helpful friendly and supported all my family and meeting new and old friends also it is nice not feeling that we was on our own and there was people out there to talk to help and give advice.

What would you most like to achieve? Small or big is there one thing you hope to accomplish?   To walk everyday on my leg and be able to have a child to complete our family also to go back to work on my own being a beauty therapist again. Also would love to do more sport and running.