We were thrilled to meet the Levitate Team and work with them to provide a Levitate Blade to our Ambassdor Alice Mason to trial out the awesome Levitate Blade.  Here’s what Alice made of it:

Levitate is on its way:

🙌🏼 totally buzzing to be getting a running Blade 🙌🏼 as the ambassador of @steelbonesuk I jumped at the chance to be able to trial out the blades that @levitate.sport have to offer! Before I had my leg amputated I was always able to run, can’t say I was awesome at it but I could do it! Now I get the chance to run again after nearly 4 years 🥳 I did have to check with my NHS Prosthetist to confirm it was ok for me to attach the balde to my socket.  As my prosthetic is out of warranty, my prosthetist okayed it as she knows how passionate I am about my sports.  So anyone else out there checking these out, just make sure you check with your Prosthetists and the Levitate Team will happily answer any questions they have. 

The Blade arrives !!

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Blade was packed well, it included everything needed to change onto my socket, took only 15mins from start to finish to switch over! Was able to check with the company to make sure it was correct easily & they gave advice. Once I put it on I could walk in it straight away BUT be warned it does feel very different to a foot shell so I walked around the house in it for a while first, was able to jump & switch weight easily through the blade really well, after an hour I took it out for a run & was able to do it straight away, no pulling on my hip because of how light it is & very springy. I would say you need to be good on your prosthetic leg you have to have a very successful time on a blade, just because of the weight adjustment goes to the front of the blade & you don’t have a “heel” to place down.

I personally love & intend to put it through its paces on the track but also in the gym doing squats etc

After the run:

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So this just happened!! It felt amazing to run again after all these years, I suppose it’s that saying “you always want something you can’t have” it was hardwork, but for my first attempt I’m happy 😃 @levitate.sport @steelbonesuk

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Levitate empowers amputees to live an active life, by enabling those who want to be more active with a seamless way of buying activity prosthetics. We believe amputees have the right to be as active as they wish, and by creating an environment whereby sports prosthetics are normalized, affordable and easy to get, more amputees are able to live the active life they want.

Our Mission is to enable the athlete in you by eliminating those cost and time barriers. We’ve witnessed and shared in the frustration of the process of obtaining a prosthesis – we’ve been where you are.

As we sat on the sidelines, merely spectators to the action going on around us, we knew a fundamental change was needed. The current system was simply not good enough.

From There, Our Vision Was Born.

To find out more about this awesome company revolutionising prosthetic blades click here: https://letslevitate.com/

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