Dear Steel Bones Families

We hope this finds you well.  We loved catching up with some of you at Celebration Day despite very hot weather, it was incredible to see you.   We look forward to seeing more of you as we plan in lots of exciting events.

We will be hosting the AGM in person and on zoom to enable as many of you to join as possible form across England and Wales.   As a valued member of our Steel Bones community we formally invite you and your family to join us for our Annual General Meeting on Monday 22nd November 2022 5-6pm at Tescos Community Room in Newmarket.

This is an opportunity to update you on all recent news, future plans and thank you for your support.  We will also be paying a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO OUR AWESOME VOLUNTEERS – THE STEEL BONES CHAMPIONS. The AGM will take no longer than half an hour and we shall then have a further half an hour to discuss the cost of living, providing tips and strategies on how to survive these tough times.

We love hearing from our community, as without you Steel Bones does not exist so we would love to see you.  if you are able to join us on zoom or in person please register for the event and details will be sent to you.

All very best wishes

Steel Bones Trustees