Together we can make a difference

STEEL BONES charity is completely voluntary. We are working to connect the amputee community, create friendships and provide an extensive proactive support network by sharing latest news on stump health, promote healthy and active lifestyles, signpost useful services, therapists, personal trainers, sports clubs and provide flexible career opportunities through partners and associates.

Our events programme unites the amputee community in fun for all the family cementing bonds, forging relationships and supporting each another.

Representing REAL people with REAL needs.

Relief from poverty, distress, social and mental suffering
Education to advance public knowledge regarding amputation and its implications
Awareness in society of limb loss and the needs of families, supporters and carers
Lifestyle to inspire and encourage health and wellness to the amputee community

Our Story

My husband and I are on a mission to improve communication and support amongst all amputees and their families. Leigh lost his leg 8 years ago due to an operation that went horribly wrong. We did not know if we could have children and were blessed with 2 treasures in the last 5 years.

Since the amputation and having children we have found it very difficult to find support groups or other friends in such situations. It is quite a lonesome disability, there is a lack of understanding in the general public and government as to what amputation means for an individual and a family. Hence why we have formed STEEL BONES with the help from the business community and amputee families.