I’ve been an amputee almost 10 years now and encountered many issues as most amputees do which have resulted in many different operations and procedures. I’ve narrowly avoided losing my other leg and losing more of my stump. This is only because I’ve hunted around for the very best Doctors who know and understand me as a person and what I want from life but also due to the fantastic Forever Living Product range. i wanted to share them with you in case one day you might need them,  Forever Living are the world leader in aloe Vera and bee product supply with the purest aloe Vera available on the planet.  The aloe gelly is phenomenal at healing wounds triple more fast than the body can do so on its own and the forever freedom drink has helped me with arthritic pain.

Here’s a short video on why and how they have made such an impact on my life https://youtu.be/N32ueZP2Y3A

To find out more about the products call me, Leigh on 07809244895 or email emma@absoluteprosperity.co.uk or you can take a look at the shop www.prosperityinernationalgroup.flppro.biz

BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE and keep loving Life 🙂

Leigh x