Christies Care: short or long term care even respite breaks available

Christies Care is a family owned and run live-in home care agency, established in 1987. We specialise in providing live-in home care to dependent adults, carefully matching personalities so that our clients have a team of carers whom they know and like.

We have grown through word of mouth and positive recommendations. Our consistently good service to our clients and carers has enabled us to become one of the largest specialist agencies for live-in home care in the UK. Christies Care has clients throughout the country, from Scotland to the Channel Islands and we select, recruit and train our carers to look after their clients’ wishes.

Our Local Area Advisors are spread all over the UK , and visit our clients regularly, to complement the service given by our head office.

Christies Care has been inspected and rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission – a rating awarded to less than 3% of all care agencies or care homes. We work closely with Social Services Departments and health professionals.

Our Saxmundham based support staff of around 75 people are there to make sure that we have all the procedures working well to act quickly and efficiently on each client’s behalf, including our ability to start work for a client often within 24 or 48 hours of being asked.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in creating a good environment for carers, staff and all our visitors. We have subsidised guest rooms for our carers, and a disability-friendly en-suite guest room for clients and other visitors who want to come and

Clare Rutterford: Reflexology and Massage

The theory: the theory behind Reflexology is that there are areas on the feet (and hands) called “reflex points” that correspond to specific parts of the body, organs and glands. The Reflexology technique I studied was practiced and founded by Eunice Ingham who was a physiotherapist. He believed and promoted that applying pressure to the reflex points in the feet / hands, it in turn, promotes positive health by working on the corresponding organs / glands / parts of the body by clearing the energetic pathways.

Reflexology and any type of holistic therapy promote relaxation and wellbeing by balancing the body, mind and soul.

Benefits include; improved circulation, reduction of pains and aches caused by the stresses and strains of everyday life and encourages overall healing and wellbeing.

Please note * Reflexology and massage are recommended as complimentary therapy and should not replace medical treatment *

Why have Reflexology?
Here are some areas Reflexology can help aid wellbeing in where there is an imbalance….
1) insomnia
2) hormonal imbalances (PMS / PCO)
3) fertility problems
4) Digestive disorders (including IBS / constipation)
5) Tension headaches / migraines
6) Back pain
7) Anxiety
8) Arthritis

These are just a few….

What happens in a treatment?
A typical session lasts around 1 hour. Every session is started by a foot soak whilst having a consultation to discuss any medical changes, specific concerns and / or needs. Then the client lies on the massage couch where the Reflexology treatment takes place. I use a firm pressure but this should feel comfortable and can be adjusted as everybody and every bodies feet are different!! The question I get asked all the time is “is it ticklish?!” The answer is, no! It is a firm but pleasant pressure and not ticklish at all.
The session is drawn to a close with some energy grounding and some aftercare advise.

I use Tui wax rather than creams or oils to work effectively on the feet but where there may be allergies or specific medical issues present where it is not possible to use the Tui wax, I apply aqueous cream.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you and hope that you will enjoy my Facebook page and come along for some well deserved “me time” by booking an appointment soon.

Aloe Vera and Bee Products: Forever Living and also a work from home income opportunity
12 Kennedy Road

This is the world leader is aloe vera and bee product supply. Their core products are essential for any amputee in conditioning the skin, soothing any scars with the Aloe Propolis Creme, healing any injuries or wounds and even infections or ashes with the aloe gelly. There is also the legendary aloe vera gel drink which significantly boosts energy levels and immune system to reduce side effects of medication, reduce pain, inflammation and help with a number of digestive and arthritic problems. We have personal experience of these products in helping with eczema, Psorasis, Pneumonia, Asthma, Digestive problems, Chrohns, arthritis, infections, ingrowing hairs, blisters, hard skin and many many others. If there is anything bothering you or you would just like a general boost please contact us so we can pass over the best information for you.

We work with many different people across the UK and even across the world to help them establish an additional income anything from £300-£3,500+ a month. We do this mainly on social media but we also have quite a few people particularly in Africa who work this without social media and have generated a fantastic income to change their lives. We are very passionate about helping people in difficult circumstances achieve whatever they need to achieve to be and feel they best they can be. We work in whatever way appropriate to the individual and their family. To find .out if it might suit you contact us for a chat either on phone, email, social media or whatsapp.

Utility Warehouse: Reduced Bills Excellent Customer Service

Utility Warehouse is the only place you can get your Energy, Landline, Broadband and Mobile services, all bundled together. By combining services, we’re able to keep costs low and make life easier for our members. We’re on a mission to become the Nation’s Most Trusted Utility Supplier – the one you would recommend to your mum! We have 600,000 happy members and are growing fast throughout the UK.

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Penny Morgan Photography: Love Your Image
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Penny Morgan Photography¹s niche area is specialising in helping you to truly be comfortable in front of the camera, whether it’s for personal, family or business photography, whatever your circumstances and whoever you are in life.