Amputee Inspiration Motivation CIC

Community interest company providing Motivation & Inspiration from hugely motivational & inspirational amputees.
Amputees & Carer Support In Liverpool

What we do: We provide free and confidential support in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas for people for whom an amputation may be necessary or who already are amputees; this also extends to their families, partners and carers.

Support: Based on first hand experience we can provide advice, practical help and support when and where needed. Much of our support is given in hospital prior to the operation and just after the operation.

And after: The Amputees and Carers Support Group is an active and dynamic group who meet regularly and organise social events to benefit members.

Our social day is on a Thursday between 10.30 am and 4.15 pm where you can chat and socialise with other people in a similar situation as yourself. We also provide day trips on specially adapted vehicles.

Interested? Then contact ACSIL between 9.30 am and 1.30 pm Monday to Friday or 0151 261 1166 or come along to our office at the above address.

Amputees and Carers Support in Liverpool and all areas of Merseyside
our mission:
To give help and advice to amputees whenever and wherever needed!
0151 261 1166
Douglas Bader Foundation

The Douglas Bader Foundation helps people affected by limb loss in several ways including:

Support and advice via our BILL service, BILL Forum and Limbline
Bader Braves Aviator days and Adventure Weekends helping children to gain confidence
Team Bader offers people affected by limb loss to connect, make friends, get fit and gain confidence through sport
Bade offers practical support in the form of financial grants